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Located in the heart of Lancashire Bloomingrand

About Us

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Choose Bloomingrand® as the official destination for great food  for Lancashire.

Our Chef Peter Ziamglad is to bring regional, national and international foods and help visitors to Bloomingrand for the gastronomic benefit of Lancashire, the community and our membership of the international foods federations.


It is with great pride that we reflect upon our shared successes over the last two years as an organization and Restaurant.  On July 1, 2012, Mayor Rahm Emanuel officially launched Bloomingrand’s new Menus, Choose Bloomingrand.  The Mayor’s vision was to restructure all menus sales and grand wine activities under a single, streamlined restaurant, and outline clear and measurable objectives to track these efforts.  This report highlights the compelling results and significant economic benefits for Lancashire, all of which have been attained within a two-year timeframe.

We welcome you to Bloomingrand.